Wedding Tents for Start Up Rental Companies

Wedding Tents for Start Up Rental Companies

Dec 10th 2020

Building a company from the ground up is always a challenging task. Doing business in the wedding tents rental industry is no exception. On top of the standard start-up elements like identifying your market, defining a value proposition, and developing a cost structure, you will also need to build an inventory that is suited to your market.

Weddings can vary in scale from small and intimate outdoor events, right up to large multi-day occasions with extended receptions that include entertainment, catered meals, and more.

Understanding the different types of wedding tents for sale will help you to make the right decisions as your business takes shape. From smaller pole tents to showpiece high peak tents, these are the options that you’ll need to consider.

Pole Wedding Tents for Events of All Sizes

Pole tents are often more affordable than similarly-sized frame tents, due to simpler engineering and fewer materials used in the build. They are relatively easy to install, and some smaller tents would be suitable for DIY wedding tent rental. Because these tents use fewer parts, they are easy to transport and take up less space when packed down.

With all these advantages, it’s hardly surprising that pole tents are often favored for smaller weddings. However, they can scale up in size for large events, so they’re not always suited for cost-cutting. Some events organizers and wedding parties will prefer pole tents not for their technical advantages, but for the aesthetic they provide. Pole tents often have a higher peak than frame tents, so they may be considered more visually impressive.

When starting a wedding tent supplier business, pole tents absolutely need to be in your inventory, even if you only stock the smallest models for DIY rental.

In addition to weddings, these tents can be used for birthday parties, sports events, corporate events, and much more.

Pole tents aren’t perfect, and one major disadvantage is the large footprint required. Pole tents require staking so the installation space will need to be larger than a similarly sized frame tent. Pole tents also need interior support, so the end-user will be forced to work around the center pole when designing a tent layout.

Frame Wedding Tents for Mid and Large-Scale Weddings

Frame tents are incredibly popular today, due to the many advantages that they provide. Frame wedding tents don’t have center poles, so the interior space is larger and more convenient. They are freestanding so the installation space only needs to be slightly larger than the footprint of the tent. Although the peak of a frame tent is lower than a pole tent, this may be preferred by some end users. The silhouette is more modest and minimalist. This may be preferred in settings where the attention needs to be drawn to the natural surroundings or architecture of a nearby building.

Frame tents are often highly modular. Roofing, wall panels, and doors can all be customized depending on the project. This could make it easier for your business as you can stock a single type of tent with interchangeable sections that can be rented on an as-needed basis.

The downside to frame wedding tents is that they aren’t ideal for DIY installation. They use more hardware and parts, so setup takes longer. These tents are heavier and take more storage space than a similarly sized pole tent.

Frame tents are a good option if you expect to provide rental services for mid and large-scale weddings. These tents are incredibly versatile and can also be used for entertainment events, parties, gatherings of all kinds, sports events, and corporate events, etc.

Tension Tents and High Peak Tents for a Standout Aesthetic

Tension tents are unique for their high peak design. They create a grand appearance that is suited to high-end events. While the average client probably won’t request a tension tent, there’s a high chance that the most discerning wedding parties and planners will.

Tension tents can be costly due to the materials and engineering used to manufacture them. However, because they are a premium option, you can charge a premium when renting. With all things considered, if you have regular demand for tension tents, you will still be able to generate a significant return on your investment.

The downside to tension tents is that they can be complicated to set up and tear down. They are not suited to DIY, so you will need to provide a trained and experienced crew. This can increase the overheads, but, again, you can offset this with a higher rental fee.

If you are getting started in the tent rental industry and haven’t yet built a strong customer base, high peak tension tents probably won’t be the first option on your list. Identify the demand in your market before you invest. You can always build an inventory of standard pole and frame wedding tents, before investing in beautiful high peak tension tents when the time is right.

The great thing about starting a tent rental business is that you can always adjust your inventory as your business changes. With the right wedding tent manufacturer, you’ll always have options for expansion.

Order from a Leading Wedding Tent Manufacturer

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To make a difference in your market, you will need quality tents that stand out from the competition. Explore our range of tents and plan an inventory that will help your business succeed.