COVID-19 Testing Tents for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

COVID-19 Testing Tents for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Dec 10th 2020

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities have turned to temporary tent structures, such as frame tents, to handle an influx of people who need to be tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because of the impact of COVID-19, and the surge of people who need to be treated and tested because of the virus, many hospitals are looking for additional space. Frame tents are a great way to test patients without needing to admit them inside the hospital, where they can put patients and hospital staff at risk of catching coronavirus. If you’re looking to buy or rent a COVID-10 testing tent, contact Anchor Industries at 877-788-1247 for more information.

Frame Tents for Coronavirus Testing

With a frame tent, hospital staff can check in patients who may be experiencing signs of coronavirus outside the tent. Nurses and doctors can provide the necessary testing inside the tent, which includes a check of vital signs and a nasal swab.

After the coronavirus (COVID-19) testing is complete, medical staff can send patients back home with self-quarantine instructions without having them admitted inside the hospital, leading to a decrease in exposure while conserving gear that is used to care for those infected with COVID-19.

The Fiesta® Marquee Tent System

Marquee tents are used to create entryways into the tent, connected pathways between multiple tents or add more space around tent exteriors, allowing hospital staff additional space.

Anchor Fiesta® marquees are typically used as:

  • Entryways for larger tents.
  • Walkways to other tents or even physical buildings. Marquees provide shelter from the weather.
  • Due to their compact size and ease of setup, marquees can also be used to create hospital storage spaces or even waiting areas outside other tents.
  • Stairways can be covered by marquees, offering protection from the elements.

How Big are Fiesta® Marquee Tents for Rent?

Because flexibility is key, Anchor marquees can be configured in unlimited lengths, allowing hospital staff to treat as many patients as possible. Three standard widths are available to suit your needs, including 6 ft., 9 ft., and 10 ft.

Marquees can be created with 45-degree and 90-degree turns, so you’re not limited to straight run configurations.

The Quality You Expect from a Top Commercial Marquee Tent Manufacturer

Fiesta® marquees are made using the highest quality materials and are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. They are compatible with the Fiesta® frame system but are suitable for use with almost any frame or pole tent in your inventory today. The modular design means there are very few limitations.

Marquee tents are free-standing, which increases versatility. Vinyl laminated polyester fabrics are used for tops, ensuring that your tents will be protected from fading, leakage and mildew. Anchor marquees are low maintenance, keeping your costs down.

Contact Anchor About Medical Tent Rental During the COVID-19 Crisis

If you’re a healthcare facility or hospital that is experiencing an overflow of patients – or need a separate location to provide coronavirus testing – contact Anchor Industries today about buying or renting a COVID-19 testing tent.